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Since UTMD's founding in 1978, it has consistently pursued expansion of the availability of its life-saving specialty medical devices across the globe and has established relationships with more than 300 international distributors.

  • UTMD has representation globally in all major developed countries as well as many underdeveloped countries through several hundred distributors.
  • UTMD products are now sold directly to end users in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Forty one percent of 2019 total net sales were to international customers.
  • Twenty-eight percent of employees are based outside the United States.
  • See a listing of our Global Locations.

UTMD regards the global marketplace as an important element of its growth strategy and is keenly aware that not only are international markets different from the U.S. market, but also that each country has its own set of driving influences that affects the dynamics of the nature of care given and medical devices used.

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